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3711 A Arlington Ave.

Riverside, CA 92506

951-686-1996 / fax 951-686-1998

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Current Campaigns

Chuck Conder - Riverside City Council

Jan Harnik - Palm Desert Councilwoman

Jeff Hewitt - Riverside County Supervisor

Elaine Holmes - Indio City Council

Kevin Jeffries - Riverside County Supervisor

Bob Magee - Lake Elsinore City Council

Scott Matas - Desert Hot Springs Mayor

Chad Mayes - State Assemblyman

Kelly Seyarto- 67th District Assemblyman

Karen Spiegel - Riverside County Supervisor

Lloyd White - Beaumont Councilman



Michael Williams has been in the political campaign field for over 30 years


Specializing in fundraising for Political Candidates which range from City Council to Congressional. We also fundraise for select charitable organizations such as Dollars for Scholars, the Riverside County Economic Development Agency programs, and Prevent Child Abuse Riverside County to name a few.


Longtime Political and Charity Activist


Graduate of the University of Southern California

Majoring in Political Science B.A.



Educational Administration M.S.



Graduate of the Claremont Graduate School

Majoring in Government M.A.



Staff: California State Legislature


1986 - 88

Assemblymember Richard Longshore staff member


1994 - present

Owner: The Michael Williams Company

Past and Present Client List (partial list):


Riverside County Supervisor Kevin Jeffries

Riverside County Supervisor John Tavaglione

Riverside County Supervisor Chuck Washington

Riverside County Supervisor John J. Benoit (late)

Riverside County Supervisor Marion Ashley

Riverside County Supervisor Jeff Stone

Riverside County Supervisor Roy Wilson (late)

Riverside County Supervisor Bob Buster (past)

Riverside County Supervisor Tom Mullen (past)

Riverside County Supervisor Jim Venable (past)

Riverside County Treasurer /Tax Collector Don Kent (past)

Riverside County Treasurer /Tax Collector Paul McDonnell (past)

Riverside County Assessor Larry Ward (past)

Riverside County Western Municipal Water District Phil Rosentrater

Riverside County Municipal Water Board Charlie Field

Riverside County Municipal Water Board Don Galliano

Riverside County Municipal Water Board Phile Paule

Riverside County Municipal Water Board Ron Sullivan

RUSD Board of Trustee Tom Hunt

RCCD Board of Trustee Nathan Miller (past)

RCCD Board of Trustee Virginial Blumenthal

Riverside County District Attorney Paul Zellerbach (past)

Riverside County District Attorney Rod Pacheco (past)

Riverside County Sheriff Stan Sniff

Riverside County Sheriff Larry Smith (past)

Riverside County Sheriff Cois Byrd (past)

Riverside County Sheriff Bob Doyle (past)

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (past)

Senator Jeff Stone

Congressman Ken Calvert

Congressman Paul Cook

Congresswoman Mary Bono (past)

Assembly Chad Mayes

Assemblyman Kevin Jeffries (Riverside County) (past)

Assemblyman Mickey Conroy (Orange County) (late)

Assemblyman John J. Benoit (Riverside County) (past)

Assemblyman Dick Longshore (Orange County) (late)

Assemblyman Bill Campbell (Orange County) (past)

Assemblyman Todd Spitzer (Orange & Riverside Counties) (past)

Assemblyman Jeff Miller (past)

Desert Hot Springs Mayor Yvonne Parks (past)

Desert Hot Springs City Councilwoman Yvonne Parks

Desert Hot Springs City Councilman Scott Matas

Banning Mayor Brenda Salas (past)

Banning Councilman John Machisic (late)

Palm Desert Councilman Van Tanner

Palm Desert Councilwoman Gina Nestande

Palm Desert Councilwoman Cindy Finerty (past)

Indio Councilwoman Lupe Ramos Watson

Indio Councilwoman Elaine Holmes

Indio Councilman Glen Miller

Indio Councilman Troy Strange

Indio Councilman Ben Godfrey (past)

Indio Councilman Gene Gilbert (past)

Indio Councilman Mike Wilson (past)

Indio Councilwoman Jacquie Bethel (past)

San Jacinto Mayor Andrew Kotyuk

Fontana Mayor Acquanetta Warren

Murrieta Councilman Jonathan Ingram


Rancho Mirage Councilman Dana Hobart

La Quinta Councilman Lee Osborne

La Quinta Mayor John Pena (past)

La Quinta Councilman Tom Kirk (past)

Cathedral City Mayor George Stettler (past)

Palm Springs Councilman Mike McCullouch (past)

Indian Wells Councilman Dana Reed

Corona Councilman Eugene Montanez

Corona Councilwoman Karen Spiegel

Corona Councilman Jason Scott

Corona Councilman Randy Fox

Corona Councilman Stan Skipworth (past)

Corona Councilwoman Jan Rudman (past)

Corona Councilman Steve Nolan (past)

Lake Elsinore Councilman Bob Magee

Eastvale Councilman Adam Rush

Eastvale Councilman Clint Lorimore

Perris Mayor Daryl Busch (past)

Norco Councilwoman Kathy Azevada

Riverside Mayor Ron Loveridge (past)

Riverside Councilman Chris MacArthur

Riverside Councilman Chuck Conder

Riverside Councilman Jim Perry

Riverside Councilman Steve Adams (past)

Riverside Councilman Andy Melindrez (past)

Riverside Councilman Rusty Bailey (past)

Riverside Councilman Ed Adkison (past)

Riverside Councilman Dom Betro (past)

Riverside Councilwoman Maureen Kane (past)

Riverside Councilwoman Joy Defenbaugh (past)

Riverside Councilwoman Laura Pearson (past)

Riverside Councilwoman Nancy Hart (past)

Riverside Councilman Frank Schiavone (past)

Moreno Valley Councilwoman Robin Hastings (past)

Menifee Councilman Scott Mann (past)

Menifee Councilman John Denver

Menifee Councilwoman Darcy Kuenzi (past)

Eastvale Councilman Adam Rush

San Bernardio Mayor Carey Davis

Long Beach Councilman Jeff Kellogg (past)

Long Beach Councilman Les Robbins (past)

Incorporation of Yucca Valley (1991)

Incorporate Wildomar Now (WIN)

Dollars for Scholars Riverside Chapter (annual)

Law Enforcement Appreciation Dinner (annual)

Riverside Envirothon (annual)

Campaign for Child Safety/Jessica's Law

Fender Center for Music Education

Prevent Child Abuse Riverside County

California Republican Party

Seneca Network

Proposition 1A (Passed 2004)

Republican Party of Riverside County

Riverside County Economic Development Agency

Polly Mock Trial

And the following candidates:

Jaime Hurtado for Supervisor

Karen Spiegel for Supervisor

Jan Harnik for Supervisor

Brian Hawley for RCCD Trustee



Riverside County Board of Supervisors and all County Electeds*

Riverside County Mayors All Cities*

Riverside County City Councils All Cities*

Riverside County Sheriff

Riverside County Treasurer

Riverside County Accessor

State Assembly

State Senate

State Governor



PAC Federal

No Limit

No Limit

No Limit

No Limit

No Limit

No Limit

$4400 Max per donor per election cycle

$4400 Max per donor per election cycle

$29200 Max per donor per election cycle

$2700 Max per donor per election cycle

$2700 Max per donor per election cycle

$5000 Max per donor per election cycle

* Except Murrieta City Council which is $1000



June 2018

Riverside County Supervisor:

Jaime Hurtado

Karen Spiegel

Jan Harnik


Riverside County Sheriff:

Stan Sniff (re-election)

Riverside County Superintendent of Schools:

Dr. Judy D. White

Riverside County Treasurer:

Jon Christensen

San Bernardino Mayor:

Carey Davis (re-election)

United States Congress:

Paul Cook District 8 (re-election)


State Senate:

Jeff Stone (re-election)


November 2018

Fontana City Council:

Acquanetta Warren (re-election)

Murrieta City Council:

Jonathan Ingram

Indio City Council:

Elaine Holmes (re-election)

Troy Strange (re-election)

Corona City Council:

Randy Fox (re-election)

Riverside Community College District:

Board of Trustee

Brian Hawley

Virginia Blumenthal

November 2018

Riverside City Council:

Chris MacArthur (re-election)


June 2020

Riverside County Supervisor:

Chuck Washington (re-election)


Office location

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3711 #A Arlington Ave., Riverside, CA 92506

Tel: 951-686-1996

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